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Winter League F3F Date

Winter league F3F dates are here

BMFA F3F League 5 1st Oct 2017

The last of the BMFA Summer League event at Horcum has been cancelled due to poor weather forecast. Usual naff forecast by the MetOffice! - Rain no where near as intense or as prolonged as predicted.

Welsh F3F Open Eurotour and World Cup 15th - 17th Sept 2017

Another great weekend down on the Welsh Slopes. Weather forecast was not too promising, Friday had a few showers, Saturday was a lovely day, but just no wind, and Sunday was similar to Friday. Overall the 48 pilots flew eight rounds with the following results :-

1st Inaki Elizondo
2nd Fernando
3rd Rich Bago

FTD was 35.39 by Inaki.

Great result for Rich, this is the second time this year he has been the highest placed UK pilot in a UK Eurotour - well done mate!

Additional report together with his usual high standard of photography,
Mike Shellim report and photos here

Full Results here

BMFA Nationals 26th - 28th August 2017

Terrific weekend weatherwise, probably the best for some years!. Didn't appear to be as many spectators there this time, certainly the 'bring and buy' which I sold some items at, did seem quiet by comparison. The trade stands were also down in number. But the flying was up to standard, with the 'show line' well attended. The Silent Flight Nationals were held at the new Buckminster site. This is a great venue, but despite being 43 acres is small by comparison to Barkston; two glider comps per day is about as much as it can take.

BMFA F3F L4 13th Aug 2017

Event cancelled due to poor wind forecast. History will show whether that was a good call, but XC forecast on the Friday evening prior to the event showed little wind, and from a constantly changing direction!

North of England F3F Open 30 June - 3 July 2017

Fantastic weekend, one of the best flying sessions we have had for some time. Forecast was looking like Friday would be our best day, and Saturday and Sunday would be bright but with no wind.

Friday started badly with heavy mist on the NE slope allowing only 2 rounds to be completed before the wettest of wet drizzle descended upon us.

Saturday started bright with the predicted light W winds which meant we were now on lovely Levisham, and things just got better and better from there. The wind built during the day, the sun shone and the flying became ballistic. 8 hours and 8 rounds later the flying stopped, food,drink and bed beckoned.

Sunday, much the same, but the wind had shifted slightly to WNW, which for Levisham was not a good direction. Any north in the wind makes the hill very variable, or should I say more variable, and so it was. Launching into bad air was like making progress in treacle, but good air meant hanging on as things were about to get ballistic. Another 6 rounds completed before the early finish to allow everyone to make a start for home, made for a grand total of 16 rounds over the weekend.

Final positions gave a win for Dieter Perlick for his very consistent flying through all the variability, followed closely in second by Rich Bago with some terrific flying, and Greg Dakin in third with some equally impressive flights. Rich took FTD with a 35.37 in R10

Photo links :- Mike Shellim here

Full Results here.

Results Summary :-

1 Dieter Perlick 12632.78
2 Rich Bago 12469.39
3 Greg Dakin 12310.22
4 Simon Thornton 12214.96
5 Peter Gunning 12137.64
6 Peter Kowalski 12130.63
7 Stefan Bertschi 12054.78
8 Frank Holtz 11843.11
9 Graeme Mahoney 11735.51
10 Tony Livingstone 11633.23
11 Mike Evans 11552.55
12 Stefan Bernardy 11458.44
13 Martin Drewett 11457.83
14 John Philips 11442.48
15 Torsten Herman 11392.03
16 Mike Shellim 11344.69
17 Keith Wood 11263.01
18 Mark Treble 11211.38
19 Rick Ruijsink 11105.52
20 Paul Stubley 11088.59
21 Dave Watson 10953.17
22 Arjen Van vark 10875.24
23 George Young 10853.78
24 Ewan Maxwell 10703.58
25 Jon Edison 10594.70
26 Les Wood 10321.69
27 John Treble 10270.27
28 Mick Walsh 10244.73
29 Nigel Whitchalls 9678.94

Team Positions were :-

1 Mickeys Massive GB Simon Thornton Peter Gunning Stefan Bertschi 36407.56
2 SAF Dieter Perlick Peter Kowalski Torsten Herman 36155.66
3 GIGGOF Graeme Mahoney Tony Livingstone Martin Drewett 34826.79
4 Netherlands Stefan Bernardy Rick Ruijsink Arjen Van vark 33439.44
5 Bonkers Mike Evans Paul Stubley Les Wood 32963.02
6 All Stars Mike Shellim Mark Treble John Treble 32826.52
7 Tea Swillers Greg Dakin John Philips 23752.83

Many thanks to everyone for helping with carrying and setting up the equipment. Special thanks to our two Buzzer Supremos, of John Treble and Ewan Maxwell, and to Mark T and Rich for CD'ing and manning the center.

Model Engineering Exhibition Doncaster 12th-14th May 2017

This annual gathering has moved from Harrogate to its new location in Docaster. Not so many aircraft this year but the usual engineering stuff, but can't help thinking the big traders are getting fewer and fewer. Did any of you make it?

Champion of Champion Race 1st / 2nd April 2017

The annual challenge between the various Winter Leagues series was held last weekend at Horcum. A great two days were had by the 15 pilots. The Saturday being the more productive day with 9 rounds completed on the South Bowl before the wind did a complete about turn and the menacing looking clouds which had formed behind us suddenly let rip. A bit of a soggy walk off the hill to say the least!

Sunday was not expected to be any good due to the light variable winds forecast, but in fact we managed another two rounds on the NE ridge before the wind deserted us completely.

The final results were a great win for Greg Dakin, crowned Champion of Champion, with Simon Thornton in second, and Rich Bago just a few points behind in third. FTD went to Greg with a stonking 39.80 on the first day.

Final positions were :-

1 Greg Dakin 9511.76 1000
2 Simon Thornton 9222.22 970
3 Rich Bago 9150.96 962
4 Graeme Mahoney 8966.33 943
5 Ewan Maxwell 8869.79 933
6 Peter Gunning 8733.30 918
7 Tony Livingstone 8676.43 912
8 Mark Treble 8435.64 887
9 Jon Edison 8229.27 865
10 Dave Watson 8138.45 856
11 Mick Walsh 8054.44 847
12 Mike Evans 7924.24 833
13 Nigel Whitchalls 7691.66 809
14 John Treble 7418.45 780
15 George Young 7163.58 753

Full spread sheet here

Thanks to Simon for organising the day, John Treble for Buzzer Supremo, and to everybody for mucking in and help to carry the gear and run the show.

AGM 19th March 2017 at 4pm in Lockton Village Hall

Annual AGM at Lockton Village hall. Thanks to everyone who attended. Subscriptions remain the same for 2017 / 2018 but rising costs mean there WILL be an increase next year. Committee remains the same. Renewal Forms Here

Northern Winter League 18th March 2017

Well I can quite understand why we had such a low turnout.

The weather forecast never stood still. Certainly when we arrived at Levisham, the wind was all over the place, and it looked like we were to be denied a comp. Still ever hopeful and with an improving forecast, the 6 pilots stuck it out until lunchtime, when the wind direction became more consistent although the strength began to drop.

However, 10 rounds later we were all happy bunnies to have produced a result, even though at times the flying was pretty variable.

Results were, Greg in first, Rich in second and Mark T in third. Mark also managed the FTD of 41.22

The Full results were :-
1 Greg Dakin 8624.85 1000 Jedi
2 Rich Bago 8418.30 976 FS4
3 Mark Treble 7993.83 927 Toxic
4 John Tideswell 7736.75 897 Arsen
5 Jon Edison 7456.38 865 Extreme
6 Bob Dickenson 6800.29 788 Xover

That's it for another Winter League.

Champion of Champions in a couple of weeks time at Horcum

Northern Winter League 4th March 2017

The Northern Winter League on Saturday 4th March was called OFF. The rain showing on earlier forecasts moved off into the North Sea, leaving only clouds and light winds behind. The prospect of standing around on the slope waiting for the wind to pick up didn't appeal, but in the event even the clouds dispersed leaving a gradually increasing wind of 10-12mph by mid afternoon.

Northern F3F Winter League 18th Feb 2017

Phew that was close in the sense that it nearly didn't happen!

Thick fog, or to coin a phrase 'clag' persisted on the South Bowl all morning. Current Met Office forecast was for it to stay all day, so things were not looking too good.

A deadline of 1pm (ish) was agreed upon. If the fog didn't lift or at least show signs of lifting by then, the comp would be called off.

The great news was the fog did lift and we were on the first round by 1 o'oclock. 11 pilots managed 8 rounds in the few hours of reasonable wind and daylight left. Whilst the conditions remained misty, a steady 8 - 10m/s SSW wind did allow for another close competition. Greg once again showing his dominance, Mark R in second and Steve in third. FTD went to Paul Garnett in 39.74 ( the only sub 40 of the day ). Nice to see Paul after what must have been a 2year absence!

The final results were :-

1 Greg Dakin 6766.91 1000 Jedi SpaceLift
2 Mark Redsell 6629.60 980 FS4 / 5
3 Steve Haley 6566.06 970 Pike Precision
4 Paul Garnett 6392.11 945 Xfire 2
5 Mark Treble 6357.97 940 Toxic
6 Rich Bago 6343.39 937 FS4
7 Mike McCracken 6198.86 916 FS4.3
8 Jon Edison 5796.76 857 Extreme
9 John Tideswell 5676.39 839 Arsen
10 Bob Dickenson 5553.30 821 Xover
11 Brian Johnson 3978.44 588 Alex XXL


Thanks to everyone for their patience and for helping with running the show.

Next event is the 4th March

Northern F3F Winter League 4th Feb 2017

Terrific day on the slope! The 4th Round of the Winter League was greated with a good SSW brease and largely sunny day if not a tad chilly!. However the 8 pilots enjoyed the day, managing 12 rounds before the wind finally died.

Some great flying to be had, with Greg Dakin coming out on top, Rich Bago second and Peter Gunning third. FTD also went to Greg with a 35.90 in R6

1 Greg Dakin 10682.54 1000 Jedi Spacelift
2 Rich Bago 10210.88 956 FS4
3 Peter Gunning 10012.15 937 Jedi
4 Mark Treble 9631.13 902 Toxic
5 Steve Haley 9469.90 886 Pike Precision
6 Jon Edison 9058.46 848 Extreme
7 Bob Dickenson 7432.14 696 Xover
8 Brian Johnson 635.51 59 Alex XXL

Fifth Rounds of the Northern Winter League is scheduled for the 4th Mar but due to the fact that we have missed 2 events, the reserve dates now apply. These are the 18th Feb and 18th Mar.

Full results here

Northern F3F Winter League 7th Jan 2017

Third round of the Northern Winter league is scheduled for this coming weekend. Weather forecast all week had not been looking great. Unfortunately things didn't change, and the forecast for Saturday was for wind speeds less than 7mph. As this is less than the 'legal' speed rquired for F3F the comp was called OFF.

Northern F3F Winter League 3rd Dec 2016

Second round of the Winter League has been called OFF. Forecast is for winds speeds of only 2-4mp caused by a High pressure system slap over Horcum.

Northern F3F Winter League 5th Nov 2016

Well that wasn't too bad. The predicted showers did materialise, and despite being very heavy, were generally short lived. Never-the-less every round had at least one stoppage for rain, and the air between could be a bit tricky as well.

However the 9 pilots did managed 5 rounds on the NE slope before the wind swung too far west to continue, and with the prospect of more heavy rain to follow, a hasty retreat to the carpark was made before the next down pour.

Some great flying was had especially in the earlier rounds, with Greg coming out on top, followed by Mark R, with Steve in third. FTD went to Greg with a 37.51 in R1

Final positions were :-

1 Greg Dakin 3954.72   1000
2 Mark Redsell 3746.28 947
3 Steve Haley 3656.82 925
4 Peter Gunning 3607.59 912
5 Rich Bago 3600.76 910
6 Mark Treble 3106.69 786
7 Dave Watson 2898.77 733
8 Jon Edison 2832.13 716
9 Bob Dickenson 2546.52 644

Full spreadsheet here

Thanks to everyone for their support, and look forward to next time on the 3rd Dec

World F3F Championships 2nd - 9th Oct 2016 Denmark

The UK team is Martin Newnham, Mark Redsell, Simon Thornton.  John Phillips is the Team Manager.  Terrific performance from the team. Variable conditions towards the end of the comp just didn't go in favour of our guys. Great effort non-the-less.

Individual Results :-

1 Thorsten Folkers 20833
2 Helge Borchert 20542
3 Pierre Rondell 20202
  UK Team Members :-  
7 Mark Redsell 19580
17 Martin Newnham 19300
29 Simon Thornton 18686

Team Positions :-

1 Germany 60745
2 France 59263
3 Denmark 57757
4 Austria 57709
5 UK 57567

For full info, including a map of the slopes with details and photos and the list of pilots here.

Welsh F3F Open 9th / 10th /11th Sept 2016

Usual three day jamboree down in a partly sunny Wales was its usual gathering of flyers with great banter and serious competition. Three different Welsh slopes on the three days made for one of the closest comps I have known for sometime!

49 Pilots managed an amazing 13 rounds over the three days. To avoid losing a round due to weather, R2 was Group Scored with the flying split into 3 Groups.

The final top three were :-

1 Alvaro Silgado 1000.0  
2 Inaki Elizondo 994.8  
3 Greg Dakin 989.24  

Fastest time of 30.31 for the weekend going to Greg Dakin in round 3
Club Member Positions :-
8 Peter Gunning 964.08  
9 Mark Treble 954.27  
10 Rich Bago 952.2  
31 George Young 888.19  
32 Ronnie Lampe 885.23  
35 Keith Wood 874.06  
39 Jon Edison 865.41  

Full results here

Friday evening was the GBSRA AGM, followed by a curry evening on Saturday, and yes the drive home on the Sunday night was its usual slog!

Links to other reports :-

Mike Shellim

BMFA F3F Nationals 20 / 21 Aug 2016

Yet again we find ourselves faced with a dire weather forecast for the weekend. After all the great weather we have enjoyed so far, as soon as we are due to run a competition, the weather gods throw the very worst at us, and bring in a stonking low pressure to liven things up.

Well, we should not have worried, the forecast for lots of rain didn't materialise, and the 15 pilots who braved the forecast were presented with an absolutely brilliant weekend.

Thirteen rounds completed on Saturday ( OK one round was lost due to rain, but that was all ) and a further 10 rounds on Sunday making an unbelievable 23 Rounds for the weekend. How good could it get. Saturday saw wind gust on the South Bowl approaching 25m/s, providing some very fast flying, whilst Sunday on Levisham provided the variability that only Levisham can provide.

After all that, the results were, Mark Redsell was the winner, Peter Gunning in second and Rich Bago in third. Fastest time of the w/e went to Mark R with a 32.73. Well done guys, terrific two days.

1 Mark Redsell 20253.58
2 Peter Gunning 19682.54
3 Rich Bago 19139.89
4 Mark Treble 18890.45
5 Graeme Mahoney 18222.79
6 Tony Livingstone 17997.76
7 Ewan Maxwell 17955.29
8 George Young 17794.59
9 Dave Watson 17236.26
10 Paul Stubley 17199.30
11 Mike Shellim 17094.34
12 Andy Burgoyne 16962.58
13 Jon Edison 16454.98
14 Ron Lampe 15041.71
15 Brett Larrett 1485.82

Many thanks to T9Hobbysport and MKS Servos will once again sponsored the event, to Mark Treble for CDing, and everyone for their help in shifting equipment and mucking in with the self managed buzzing.

Full details here. Thanks to Mark Redsell for producing the spreadsheet
Pictures and report here from Mike Shellim

Watch found at Levisham Aug 20 2016

Updated 25 Aug.
Watch owner has been re-united with his timepiece!!
Many thanks to Michael Terry for his efforts.

Received this message from one of our members :-

"We were flying at Levisham on Saturday and had parked at the end of Braygate Lane.  As I was unpacking the car I found a man’s watch in the grass where we park.  It looks like it has been there for a while but has cleaned up and is still working. I was wondering if anyone had reported losing a watch up there or if you could mention that one has been found.  It would be nice to returned it to it’s rightful owner".

If anyone has lost a watch or has any information please give me a call

BMFA F3F Reserve and League Event, Horcum, 25th / 26th June 2016

Well that was a frustrating weekend weather wise. Saturday forecast was for very light variable direction winds, the comp was cancelled on that basis and the forecast proved to be spot on: Saturday was not flyable. Sunday forecast was not a great deal better but at least had more potential, until that is the Met Office issued a warning for heavy rain all day Sunday, at which point we cancelled the Sunday comp as well. Now if ever a forecast was wrong it was this one. No rain, in fact a bright sunny day, and by tea time a strong, 30mph+, westerly had developed.Frustrating or what! Sorry Guys, lets hope for better next time.

BMFA Heavy Lift Challenge, Elvington, 11th / 12th June 2016

I finally managed to attend and help at the event this year. This is an initiative run by the BMFA for some years now, and is open to Colleges and Universities, to design, build and fly, a model aircraft to achieve one or more of 3 challenges. These challenges are 1, to transport as many tennis balls as possible, along a predetermined flight path, in 10 mins. 2, to fly a very large block of balsa around a course, completing as many laps as possible, in 8 mins, and 3, carry up to 4Kg of water ballast, again along a prescribed flight path. Some terrific model creations, some more successful than others, but great fun and determination from all the Teams. Oh and I should say, all this with an electric powered aircraft with a specified motor, 40A speed controller and 2200mAhr 3cell LiPo. Now there's a challenge!!

Model Engineering Show Doncaster 20th to 22nd May 2016

As you can see from the title, the show has moved from its original location of Harrogate show ground to its new and permanent (?) residence at Doncaster Racecourse. Unfortunately I wasn't able to attend this year, but a report from an engineering colleague advised me that it was pretty much business as usual. I know the Harrogate Model Aircraft Club didn't exhibit this year, but there was still a good selection of models aircraft on show I'm told.

F3F Champion of Champions 2nd / 3rd April

As previous years, the Winter League Fly-off was held in not so sunny Wales the first weekend in April. Forecast as usual deteriorated the minute we set off on the the long journey South! The rain which was supposed to clear first thing Saturday morning, now persisted in more sense than one, into the afternoon. However when it did clear, it was a glorious Spring Day, with a steady SSE wind. The 27 pilots managed a busy 5 rounds before the wind swung too far off the slope to allow flying to continue. This gave plenty of time to head back down to Bridgend for the traditional Curry in the center of town.

Day two, again not so bright, mist on the hill and rain to come. A decision to move to another slope known as the Crest, brought groans from the assembled pilots, as this meant a fair walk ( 1mile app ) to the flying site, which didn't please all.
Never-the-less the course was set up and flying got under way at around 11am. Two more rounds with a break between for rain were completed, before the darkening clouds suggested we got off the hill whilst it we were still reasonably dry.

The eventual winner was Simon Thornton, retaining his title he won last year, Peter Gunning second, and Martin Newnham third. FTD also went to Simon with a 34.75. Another socially excellent weekend with a spot of flying thrown in for good measure can't be bad.

Simon Thornton
Peter Gunning
Martin Newnham
Other Club Members :-
Mark Treble
Dave Watson
Keith Wood
Rich Bago
George Young
Jon Edison
Mark Redsell

Well done guys, and thanks to all those who made it happen

Full results here

F3F Winter League 19th March 2016

The final event of the 2015 / 16 calendar had similar conditions to the previous comp, ie Northerly winds, 5 to 9m/s ( 10 to 20mph ) but with the added distraction of drizzle at the start. Fortunately that cleared fairly soon to give a steady but overcast day. As usual with only 7 pilots, a hectic day ensued, with frequent breaks to gives pilots time to recover from flying and buzzer duties. Never-the-less, 15 rounds were achieved.

Winner was Mark Redsell, hotly pursued by Mark Treble, with Rich Bago in third. FTD went to Mark R with a time of 37.85 in R9

Mention must also be made for Tony Hollings, competing in his first F3F comp with a sub 2m model. Giving him a win in his class ( being the only 2m competitor! ) and a great day out. Well done Tony.

1 Mark Redsell 12712.84
2 Mark Treble 12618.16
3 Rich Bago 12270.95
4 John Tideswell 11124.58
5 Bob Dickenson 9869.09
Ascot / Xfire
6 Jon Edison 9856.20
7 Tony Hollings 7578.74
Sun Bird

Many thanks to everyone for their help. looking forward to the Champion of Champions race in Wales on the 2nd / 3rd April

Full results here

AGM 13th March 2016 at 4pm in Lockton Village Hall

Annual AGM at Lockton Village hall. Thanks to everyone who attended. Subscriptions remain the same for 2016 / 2017 but rising costs are putting pressure on for an increase. Committe remains the same as last year. Renewal Forms Here

F3F Winter League 5th March 2016

Well we have a second result. Forecast was spot on, NE winds, well NNE actually, 5 to 15 m/s (11 to 33 mph approx ) lots of blue sky, with a sprinkling of showers. 15 rounds with 9 pilots makes for a hard day. By the time we finished at 4:30, we were well and truly cream crackered, despite a break for lunch and another for afternoon tea ( without the china tea service of course! ) .

Very close at the top, with Mark R taking top honours, Rich B a very close second and Peter G not far away in third. FTD went to Mark with a cracking 30.59.

1 Mark Redsell 12270.83
2 Rich Bago 12144.05
3 Peter Gunning 12116.42
4 Mark Treble 11666.32
5 Steve Haley 10796.93
6 George Young 10791.64
Pike Precision
7 Ewan Maxwell 10718.12
8 Jon Edison 9139.98
9 Bob Dickenson 8711.51
Ascot / Xfire

Full results here.

Thanks for everyone for formulating their own buzzer manning regime and all the help shifting the gear on and off the slope, much appreciated.

Next and last round is the 19th March

For Sale Item

Skylark 4 scale soarer 5.2m span. detals here

F3F Winter League 20th Feb 2016

At last a result!! Forecast looked half decent, with WSW winds anywhere between 13-33mph but with a risk of showers. In the event the wind forecast was pretty much spot on, although it did swing SW and decline as the day went on, and as for the showers, one sprinkling around midday which hardly affected us as we had broken for lunch! Only disappointment was we could only muster 8 pilots, and one of them dropped out before the start. However we managed 15 hectic rounds in Levisham's usual variable conditions.

Results were Mark Redsell first, Rich Bago second and Steve Haley third. FTD went to Rich with a cracking 33.73 in R11.

1 Mark Redsell 12659.41
2 Rich Bago 11699.55
3 Steve Haley 11625.97
4 Mark Treble 11187.05
5 Ronny Lampe 10350.26
6 Jon Edison 9250.53
7 Bob Dickenson 6356.93

Well done guys and thanks to all for mucking in. Nice also to see some new faces with Steve and Brian calling in.

Next event is the 5th March 2016

Full results here

F3F Winter League 6th Feb 2016

I hardly dare mention we have a F3F Winter League event this coming weekend in case the weather gods hear me! But Hey Ho, what the heck. Fourth round of the Northern Winter League is this Saturday the 6th Feb. There done it, throw your worst at us!!
Well it did! Rained ALL day and I mean rained. The comp was cancelled, yet again.

F3F Winter League 9 Jan 2016

Fingers crossed that out of this present rain and gloom we may actually get a good day next Saturday. Hmmm, who's betting? Well bet no more, the comp was cancelled after the forecasters showed a band of rain across the region between the morning and early afternoon. As it worked out the afternoon turned out bright with clear skies, contary to all forecasts.

F3F Winter League 5 Dec 2015

Oh dear, not looking good! High winds with gusts of over 50mph forecast and likely to be at Levisham ( SW winds ) probably makes the day un-flyable. We have tried Levisham before with high winds ( see report for Jan 2015 ) so unless something dramatic changes with the weather we aint going flyin' this weekend!

F3F Winter League 7 Nov 2015

Great start to the new season NOT! A band of rain is forecast to hit Horcum between 9am and some time after Midday on Saturday. What bad timing. Rain late, rain early, but not rain over the morning period. With shortening days, the best part of the day are the mornings. Sadly the Comp has been called OFF.

BMFA F3F Reserve 25 Oct 2015

After loosing our two earlier F3F events to the weather, the final reserve date of the year was held at Horcum.

A lovely autumn day, light winds, hazy sunshine, and warm!  Well it must have been, as Mark T was still in shirt sleeves, short ones to boot!  

The rules state that 10 pilots must start a competition for it to be an official comp and therefore count towards the league etc. Unfortunately, out of the 10 pilots who turned up, only 9 were able to fly. Despite the stella efforts of Simon T, we weren't able to meet the minimum 10, so the comp didn't count towards the league. So the moral to the story is  - do a check list, and make sure your Transmitter is on it!

However, we did run 13 rounds, 9 pilots completing 8 rounds, and then 7 pilots flying another 5. Proceedings finished around 14:45, as conditions began to deteriorate. Thanks to all for the help and support during the day.

Results for the 8 rounds here
Results for the 5 rounds here

Models for sale

I have a couple of PSS / Sport models for sale.Details here

Northern F3F Winter League Dates

Dates for the Horcum F3F Winter league are here

Paypal Account finally opened!!

Payment of Club subs can now be done via Paypal. If you have a Paypal account, open your account and select 'pay or send money', select 'pay for goods or services', when asked for an email address, enter ''. NYMRSC will then be displayed. Enter the amount to pay ( see application form ), and then click NEXT. You can add a note at this point. Click SEND. All done!!

Welsh F3F Open 11th, 12th, 13th Sept 2015

The annual Jamboree in Wales was even better than last year, with good winds on all three days, and just a splash of rain thrown in for good measure. Day 1 and Day 3 were on the 'Crest'. A good walk from the car park by anyone's standards. Day 2 was on 'Mickey's' which, apart from the rough car track to the flying area, is close to the cars. Some terrific flying to be had on all three days, with positions changing constantly.

But after an amazing 13 rounds, the top three positions were :-

1 Simon Thornton 10949.04
2 Joel West 10873.91
3 Peter Gunning 10780.76

FTD went to Inaki Elizondo with a 32.51.
Fantastic display by all these flyers, who amazingly never seem to get poor air! Well done guys!

Other NYMRSC Members also had a great weekend, with four more members in the top 15, separated by only a few points from the top three were :-

4 Martin Newnham 10606.39
7 Mark Treble 10335.98
9 Richard Bago 10249.23
13 Ronnie Lampe 10074.38
23 Keith Wood 9715.88
42 Jon Edison 8837.83
47 Frank Hulton 5776.88

Great show fellas!

Full results to follow here

The banter on the hill, and the socialising afterwards is always enjoyable. As is the usual well organised event, with thanks to Kev Newton and Clayton Landells for all their efforts, with Clayts especially for making us all look decidedly unfit with his antics on the hill.

Special mention to Mark Treble for all his work on the new timing system with its entertaining voice messages, relieving the CD's of the tedium of the countdown, lap counts etc. Great work Mark.

Cracking weekend, here's to next year.

BMFA Nationals 29th, 30th, 31st Aug 2015

The greatest modelling show on earth! Maybe a slight exageration, but still a great show, don't miss it!

Indoor Flying Dates Added

Dates for the 2015 / 2016 Indoor Flying Season added. Click link above for details

BMFA F3F Reserve at Horcum 5th July 2015

Reserve date cancelled!. Weather forecast was for light winds ranging from SE to SW, with a possibility of rain showers to add to the frustration. Call to cancel made on the Friday evening before the event as per standard protocol.

Note added 6 Jul 2015.
XCWeather weather history for the 5th July gave 3-7mph winds ranging from SSW to E through-out the day, until approx 1700 when the wind speed increased to 13mph SE.

North of England F3F Open, Eurotour and World Cup Event 26th / 27th /28th June 2015

Well what a great weekend! Early weather reports were not that promising, but as the weekend approached the forecast improved, so by the start of proceedings the weather was looking half decent.

Friday afternoon saw a good blow on the South Bowl to get the show on the way.
33 pilots managed 3 and 1/2 rounds before the wind swung to the west and at around 6pm we called it a day.

Saturday was a terrific day, west winds meant a trip to Levisham, where we had perfect conditions right into early evening. We could have continued longer, but after another 7 and 1/2 rounds, we were all feeling pretty cream crackered and decided to call a stop to proceedings.

Sunday we knew was forecast for a lot of early rain, hence the making the most of the other days!. However things were looking good when we arrived, so we set up the course, now back on the South bowl. But those pesky weather gods were just waiting for us to make a start. Only 1 round completed before our deadline of a 3pm finish.

Still a cracking completion. The eventual winner after 12 rounds was Peter Kowalski , Kev Newton in second and Club member Simon Thornton in third.

Fastest time of the weekend went to Mike Shellim with a 35.17, flying his trusty STING. Well done Guys.

Other Club members :-

6 Martin Newnham 9416.15  
7 Mark Treble   9256.85  
9 Ronnie Lampe    9099.78  
10 George Young 9065.35  
12 Peter Gunning 8897.72  
17 Dave Watson 8772.36  
20 Rich Bago 8684.80  
23 Keith Wood 8624.63  
26 Jon Edison 8377.22  
27 John Tideswell 8340.33  
30 Frank Hulton 8077.80  

Spreadsheet here
Further comments and pictures here.
Mike Shellim Report and Pictures here

BMFA F3F League Event, Scotland 14th June

Poor weather forecast for Sunday, has resulted in the event being Cancelled. More details here.

Bank Holiday Flying Rules

Just a quick reminder that there is no flying allowed on Spring bank Holiday ( May 25th and August Bank Holiday Aug 31st ). Only 2 days out of 365 can't be bad!

BMFA F3F Nationals 16th / 17th May 2015 in Wales

Wales hosted the two day event this year. Great weekend weather allowed the 26 pilots to complete 15 rounds over the two days - must be a record number of rounds? With variable conditions on Saturday culminating in a change of slopes, and Sunday with slightly crossed conditions, made for change of fortunes for some over the two days.

Another great win for Mark Redsell, with Simon Thornton in second and Martin Newnham in third. FTD went to Keith Wood with a terrific 33.48, and just to prove that was no fluke, produced a 33.64 a few rounds later!! OAP's rule OK!

1 Mark Redsell 11867.11  
2 Simon Thornton   11745.73  
3 Martin Newnham     11707.00  
Other Club members :-
11 Keith Wood 10988.89  
13 Mark Treble 10973.14  
16 John Tideswell 10624.55  
22 Jon Edison 10162.17  

Well done guys
Full Results here
Other Reports here
Mike Shellim Photos here

Model engineering Show, 8th, 9th 10th May Harrogate

Each year the number of traders gets less, but still a good few to wander around, and of course all the engineering models, trains, planes, and boats to marvel at.

BMFA League 2 at Wales ( moved from Whitesheet ) 26th April

The wind forecast was a direction that Whitesheet does not have a slope for, so the decision was made ( as has been done before ) to relocate the competition to Wales. Conditions were very variable, but never the less 20 pilots managed 9 rounds before the comp was halted as conditions worsened.

Simon Thornton made the most of the variability winning the day, closely followed by Mark Treble, with Mark redsell in third. FTD went to John Treble for an absolutely stonking 31.67. Club Members in Bold

1 Simon Thornton 7306.67  
2 Mark Treble   7235.62  
3 Mark Redsell      7189.10  
Other Club members :-
6 Ronnie lampe 6988.82  
8 Martin Newnham 6806.06  
15 Neil Shead 6491.73  
17 Frank Hulton 6176.64  

Well done guys
Full Results Here
Other Reports Here

BMFA F3F League starts this weekend 12 April

Oh dear, the weather didn't play ball. Rained Sunday for most of the day. Checking with the Rain Radar Site, showed rain from about 9:30 until 4:15. Good call to cancell me thinks! Reserve date either 10 May or 5 July.

Champion of Champions Winter League 28th / 29th March 2015

With a weather forecast as dire as this weekend, the chances of a competition were looking slim. However an inspired decision by CD Martin Newnham to move the venue from the Bwlch above Bridgend to Rhossili on the Gower Peninsular saved the day. Whilst conditions were a bit crossed, and flying was quite technical on the 50ft dunes of Rhossili Bay, two good days of flying and 10 rounds worth of competition were completed.

Congratulations to Simon Thornton for his first place with inspired flying, Mark Redsell in second and Greg Dakin in third. A new class for the over 60's saw Keith Wood take the new trophy. FTD went to Simon with a 38.33.

Full Results here

Entry for the North of England F3F Open ( Eurotour ) is now OPEN

Entry details here. Registration will close on the 20th June, or when 50 entries have been recieved, whichever is the soonest.

AGM 22nd March 2015 at 4pm in Lockton Village Hall

Annual AGM was once again held at Lockton Village hall. Thanks to all those who made the effort to attend. Several new faces on the committee for 2015, details here. Many thanks to the outgoing chairman John Lake for supporting the club for so long. Subscriptions remain the same for 2015 / 2016 despite some increase in costs. Renewal Forms Here

Fifth Round of the F3F Winter League Saturday 7th March 2015

Fifth and final round was held at Horcum on Saturday 7th March. The 11 pilots completed 12 rounds on the South Slope with a slightly cross wind making for some variability. Despite that, Mark Redsell set a new PB and Horcum record of 27.28secs to win the event, with Martin Newnham second and Rich Bago third. Well done Guys.

1 Mark Redsell 10909.49 Freestyler4.3
2 Martin Newnham  10091.76  
3 Rich Bago     9801.25  
4 Peter Gunning 9758.14  
5 John Phillips 9339.31  
6 Dave Watson 9305.00  
7 Mark Treble 9275.02  
8 Keith Wood 9177.52  
9 John Tideswell 8901.56 Freestyler3
10 Neil Shead  8650.99  
11 Dave Wright 8442.68  
Not only a new PB's for Mark Redsell, but also for John Tideswell with a 36.48 in Round 4.

The final event for the Winter League will be the The Champion of Champion Race, to be held in Wales on the weekend of the 28th / 29th March. Pilots who qualified / attending are :-

1 Mark Redsell
2 Rich Bago 
3 Ronnie lampe
4 Mark Treble
5 Jon Edison
6 Keith Wood


Fourth Round of the F3F Winter League Saturday 7th Feb 2015

Well that was a difficult day! Snow covered moorland didn't make for easy walking as we headed across the Northern edge for the NW ridge

Forecast wind speeds didn't materialise as promised, but bumbled along the 3m/s most of the time. Fortunately it stayed more or less square on all day.

Foggy morning, which actually cleared very quickly, allowed a prompt start for the 13 pilots. Four rounds were completed before a lull in wind speeds forced a break for lunch.

The afternoon produced average winds speeds which appeared greater than the morning session, but flight times were no better.

By now ,the melting snow had found its way into even the best waterproof clothing, and with a few pilots suffering from wet feet,amongst other things, the competition stopped after Round 7 at 15:45.

The walk back was is always hard after a day on the slopes, but many thanks to everyone who mucked in and carried the various bits of kit back. Special thanks to the two strangers who helped carry my models up the final hill to the car!

The results, Peter Gunning took top spot, Mark Redsell in second and Ronnie Lampe in third. Peter also took FTD with a round busting 49.42. Well done guys.

Full Results Here

The summary results are :-

1 Peter Gunning 5713.13 Freestyler3
2 Mark Redsell  5566.87 Freestyler4
3 Ronnie Lampe     5529.05 Freestyler
4 Rich Bago 5330.40 Freestyler3
5 Mark Treble 5241.38 Toxic
6 Martin Newnham 5208.23 Freestyler
7 Keith Wood 5145.63 Freestyler
8 Dave Wright 5051.20  
9 Jon Edison  5035.89 Needle124
10 George Young 4996.64  
11 John Tideswell 4936.07 Freestyler
12 Neil Shead  4890.88 Strega
13 Bob Dickenson 2872.83 Ascot

Thanks to everyone for their help.

Remember this is a fun, low key event, to encourage new and not so new flyers to take up the competition side of flying. It is not an entry to the World Championships and any other prestigeous event, its just us having fun. Come and join in, you will be most welcome.

Third Round of the F3F Winter League 10th Jan 2015

Well there is wind and there is wind, but you aint see nothing like Levisham on Saturday!! The forecast was for strong winds, and we knew it would be around the maximum allowed under F3F rules ie 25m/s ( 55mph), but what we weren't ready for were the gusts. Peak gust on my meter was 36 m/s ( 80mph ) with periods of sustained speeds of over 28 m/s ( 62mph ). Actually, we did launch a few models during the less windy sessions, and model and pilot did cope OK, but the landing was the problem! Levisham can be rought on landings in high winds and Saturday was no exception. Several models were damaged in the process. The winds didn't abate, and shortly after lunch the comp was called off!

Second Round of the F3F Winter League 6th Dec 2014

Well I need not have worried about the slope to be on; the dreaded SW winds did not arrive. Fortunately Southerly ones did! Yeehaa, south bowl it was. Still we had a slight wait until the wind reached the magical legal limit, but from then on, it was all go.

The later start and earlier lighting up time meant we couldn't complete as many rounds as last time, but we still managed a creditable 7, at a rate of one very half hour, which was good going for the eager 16 pilots.

Mark Treble's new Android Race Management software completed its first full competition. Apart from organising the race, this software will allow smart phones to log on and view live scoring. Great work Mark.

And finally the results. Mark Redsell had a commanding win, Martin Newnham a close second and a terrific third place for Paul Upton. ( New fatherly duties have kept him away from the slope of late, so congratulations to Paul on both counts ). FTD went to Martin with a 50.85. Well done guys.

Full results here

Summary results are :-

1 Mark Redsell  5973.70 Freestyler4
2 Martin Newnham 5807.17 Freestyler4
3 Paul Upton      5601.86 Vampire
4 Peter Gunning 5600.31 Freestyler3 / Jedi
5 Greg Dakin 5520.04 Fosa
6 Ronnie Lampe 5510.37 Freestyler
7 Mark Treble 5486.63 Toxic
8 Rich Bago 5452.91 Freestyler3
9 Jon Edison  5259.54 Needle124
10 Neil Shead  5116.21 Strega
11 Keith Wood 5106.76 Freestyler4
12 John Tideswell 5020.06 Martinet
13 George Young 4940.43 Stinger / Pike
14 Roger Groves 4583.69 Sting
15 Bob Dickenson  4350.98 Ascot
16 Roy Hampshire 3954.28 Mini Mac

Thanks to everyone for their help.

First F3F Winter league Event 1st Nov 2014

A difficult start to the Winter League. Plenty of wind, lots of sunshine, in fact a very nice autumnal day. Only one problem - the wind direction. SW will work at both Levisham and the South Bowl, but if it is slightly one way or t'other then it favours one or other of those slopes. The judgment was for Levisham. The forecast was for the South!. OK a change of slope later in the day it would have to be.
Levisham is variable at the best of times, and ran true to form. But hey, isn't a bit of variability part of the fun? Some may disagree, but an interesting 4 rounds were completed, before we upped sticks and moved to the South Bowl. Another 4 rounds completed just as the light was failing, gave the 19 pilots a total of 8 rounds. Not bad all things being considered.

Martin Newnham was the eventual winner, Rich Bago second and Greg Dakin third. Martin also had the FTD of 36:13. Well done guys.

Full results here

Summary Results :-

1 Martin Newnham 6454.75 1000.00
2 Rich Bago 6435.46 997.01
3 Greg Dakin 6279.78 972.89
4 Mark Redsell 6253.22 968.77
5 Jonathan Wells 6159.82 954.30
6 Dave Wright 6147.82 952.44
7 Peter Gunning 6137.95 950.91
8 Ronnie Lampe 5963.86 923.94
9 Mark Treble 5957.28 922.92
10 Jon Edison 5793.18 897.50
11 Keith Wood 5733.63 888.28
12 Paul Middleton 5680.97 880.12
13 Neil Shead 5409.59 838.07
14 Dave Watson 5307.82 822.31
15 John Tideswell 5003.43 775.15
16 Roger Groves 4543.30 703.86
17 George Young 3780.58 585.70
18 Roy Hampshire 3101.75 480.53
19 Bob Dickenson 1085.16 168.11

Thanks to all for your support and help throughout the day.

final Reserve date of 2014, 19th Oct 2014, Hole of Horcum

What a day! The effort of flying, landing and struggling back to the pits in gale force winds challenged the fittest. 17 pilots managed 10 rounds at Levisham, in winds that were gusting at times close to the legal limit.

The choice of slope was never going to be easy. We probably could have started the day on the south bowl, but with all forecasts showing the wind swinging round to the SW, the general consensus was to start where we were to end up. That proved to be a sound decision.

Levisham was its usual bad, bumpy, ballistic self. With nearly a quarter of all flights sub 40's, some coming close to the magic sub 30, Peter Gunning finally took the FTD with a cracking 31.38!

Very close at the top, but Mark sneaked a win by a mere 20 points from Peter, with Simon in third. Well done guys, some really excellent flying.

Full results here

Summary :-

1 Mark Redsell 8313.04 1000.00
2 Peter Gunning 8293.28 998.62
3 Simon Thornton 8178.96 984.87
4 Rich Bago 7819.53 941.63
5 Greg Dakin 7801.57 938.47
6 Martin Newnham 7798.96 938.15
7 Mark Abbotts 7120.47 857.54
8 George Young 7086.78 852.48
9 Mark Treble 7084.97 852.27
10 Paul Middleton 6928.71 833.47
11 Jon Edison 6690.39 805.80
12 John Treble 6206.34 747.57
13 Matthew How 6093.64 733.02
14 John Tideswell 6022.90 725.51
15 Dave Wright 4646.61 559.95
16 Keith Wood 3602.68 433.37
17 Ronnie Lampe 3385.22 407.21

Thanks to everyone for helping out

Welsh F3F Open 19th - 21st Sept 2014

The highlight of the F3F calendar has been a slight disappointment in the last few years, with poor weather and few rounds completed. Fortunately 2014 was to reverse all that ill fortune, and flying took place over the full three sunny days, albeit light winds for most of the time. With 37 pilots and 11 rounds completed, the results were ( Club Members shown in Bold ):-

1 Stefan Bertschi 9350.65
2 Simon Thornton 9332.50
3 Tony Livingstone 9123.30
FTD went to Mark Abbotts 37.74
4 Joel West 9120.52
5 Kevin Newton 9116.84
6 Graeme Mahoney 9061.79
7 Martin Newnham 9030.86
8 Andy Burgoune 9006.74
9 Dave Rumble 8943.52
10 Martin Drewett 8845.29
11 Mike Evans 8765.82
12 Peter Gunning 8747.80
13 John Philips 8705.75
14 Greg Dakin 8689.69
15 Mark Abbotts 8650.93
16 Lazaro Martinez 8632.74
17 Mark Treble 8623.68
18 Daniel Schneider 8604.05
19 Richard Bago 8564.40
20 Ronnie Lampe 8559.74
21 Stewart Wallace 8431.39
22 Tom McPherson 8409.51
23 Mike Shellim 8359.66
24 Jorge Medina 8209.78
25 Inigo Herrera 8204.28
26 John Treble 8201.83
27 Mick Walsh 8196.50
28 Stefan Bernardy 8166.86
29 Rick Ruijsink 8106.00
30 Ian Mason 8045.58
31 Jon Edison 7976.84
32 Paul Stubley 7770.25
33 Keith Wood 7614.63
34 Jason Bioletti 7343.03
35 Pete burgess 7232.89
36 Berrie van Roest 7082.30
37 Scott Ravenscroft 846.17

Great Curry on the Saturday night and good company throught the weekend made for a very enjoyable comp. As usual a well organised event, with thanks to AJ and Kev for that.

Mike Shellim pictures here

F3F World Championships, Donovaly, Slovakia 7th - 14th Sept 2014

Long drive across Europe to Donovaly, in Slovakia. Very picturesque Ski Resort some 3hours drive from the Austrian border. Good accommodation close to the very essential ski lift. Far too much of a climb to walk to the slopes each day, I know I tried it! Two and a half hours without models - only did it the once!!

Competition started with a 2 day World Cup event, which our Team member Simon Thornton, won. Great start to the week but unfortunately things gradually went down hill from there. The weather conditions were either windless or wet. When the wind did blow it barely got above the legal limit of 3 m/s and wouldn't make its mind up on which direction to blow from!

Reflights were becoming the norm, and flying was becoming a lottery. Still the Organisers persisted until they finally had the 4 rounds necessary to call it an official competition. Best placed brit was Mark Redsell with a very creditable 4th. Simon was 29th, and poor old Martin last!! Oh well, here's to 2016!!

Full results and competition summary here

F3F World Championships in Slovakia 7th - 14th Sept 2014

Final preparations, and last minute panics as the Team get ready to head to Donovaly in the Slovak Republic. Martin Newnham, Mark Redsell and Simon Thornton are the UK Team for 2014 with Jon Edison as Team Manager.

BMFA Nationals 23rd - 25th Aug 2014

Another terrific weekend at Barkston. Saturday and especially Sunday enjoyed great weather, but Monday suffered for overcast skies and some drizzle. Saturday evening was spent watching the freeflight mayhem, a sight not to be missed, whilst Sunday morning was spend selling items for Mike Donkins estate at the swap meet, great fun. Roll on next year!

Items for Sale

Sadly I have been involved in a house clearance following the death of former NYMRSC member,Mike Donkin earlier in the year. Mike had accumulated vast amount of equipment and models over the years. Some of that is shown here. This and the remaining tools, balsa, solar film, props, spinners will be at the Nationals Bring and Buy over the 2014 Bank Holiday Weekend

BARCS Slope Glide 9th / 10th Aug 2014

This 2 day comp in the Welsh hills was truncated to a 1 day comp in the Welsh hills due the the remnants of Hurricane Bertha!!! NYMRSC members were conspicuous by their absence, but the weather didn't exactly encourage them to travel.

Martin Newnham did a great job in shepherding the 16 pilots up and down the hill, and despite the weather the competition managed a very creditable 11 rounds.

Results were Joel West first, Martin Newnham second and Stefan Bertschi third. FTD went to Joel with a 34.63. Full Results here

BMFA F3F Nationals 7th / 8th June 2014

Despite the dire weather forecast for Saturday, 28 very optimistic pilots headed for the East slope hoping to complete a few rounds before the forecast rain hit. Sadly that optimism was misplaced, and Round 1 was only halfway through when the rain arrived early! Needless to say that was it for the day.
Sunday however dawned bright and breezy, and with the wind on the South slope, and the wet weather behind us, 30 pilots enjoyed 10 rounds of great competition.
Because of the decision to use 'split' rounds, the results from Saturday were included in Sundays results. The verified results were :-

BMFA F3F Nationals Champion 2014, Mark Redsell
2nd Paul Garnett
3rd Peter Gunning
FTD also went to Mark with a 34.99

Summary Results here :-

1 Mark Redsell 8649.84
2 Paul Garnett 8476.63
3 Peter Gunning 8147.82

4 Martin Newnham 8116.12
5 Graham Mahoney 8053.54
6 Mark Abbotts 8001.33
7 Simon Thornton 7970.88
8 Tony Livingstone 7934.39
9 Mike Evans 7820.84
10 Jon Wells 7769.49
11 Greg Dakin 7748.02
12 George Young 7699.89
13 John Philips 7655.41
14 Martin Drewitt 7649.99
15 Keith Wood 7611.47
16 Rich Bago 7563.82
17 Mike Shellim 7518.91
18 Ronnie Lampe 7485.77
19 Mark Treble 7278.26
20 Dave Watson 7221.83
21 Dave Wright 7156.91
22 Jon Edison 7152.72
23 Frank Hulton 7142.56
24 Robert Carson 6983.94
25 Mick Walsh 6894.89
26 Ian Mason 6807.71
27 Erik Heijne 6763.34
28 Matthew How 6727.69
29 Pete Burgess 6638.95
30 John Tideswell 774.79

Thanks to everone who took part, and all those who helped with setting up and carrying gear on and off the hill.
Full result here
Dave Watson Photos here
Mike Shellim Photos here
Simon Thornton Photos here

BMFA F3F Reserve Date 25th May 2014

The reserve event was finally completed after several interruptions by rain, on what was forecast to be a very showery day. Fortunately the rain arrived over a shortish period of time around midday, causing several re-starts of Round 3 before clearing skies allowed a further 2 rounds to complete making 5 in total. Light Southerly winds didn't allow for any records to be broken, but did give a fairly consistent air to the day.

Martin Newnham was the eventual winner, Mark Redsell second, and Rich Bago third. The official FTD went to Greg Dakin with a 45.92. Well done guys.

Summary Results :-

1 Martin Newnham 3951.21
2 Mark Redsell 3774.03
3 Rich Bago 3764.05
4 Greg Dakin 3746.75
5 John Phillips 3743.79
6 Peter Gunning 3702.60
7 Mark Treble 3695.34
8 Simon Thornton 3691.52
9 Jon Edison 3564.82
10 Mike Evans 3555.93
11 Paul Upton 3537.20
12 Mick Walsh 3467.03
13 Jonathan Wells 3438.37
14 Keith Wood 3354.21
15 Matthew How 3330.95
16 George Young 3296.01
17 John Treble 3239.12
18 John Tideswell 3194.18
19 Dave Wright 3143.05
20 Ronnie Lampe 3101.81

Spread sheet here

NYMRSC AGM on the 18th May 2014

Annual AGM was once again held at Lockton Village hall. Thanks to all those who made the effort to attend. Remember, your current subscriptions will need renewal at the end of May.Subs remain the same as previous years, ie £20 for Full Members, £10 for Seniors, £5 Juniors and Students. Cheques made payable to NYMRSC and send to Jon Edison using the Renewal form here.

Winter League 2013 / 2014 Updates

This year due to Jon Edison's absence, Mark Redsell kindly organised the remainder of the Northern Winter League. Three events were completed out of the five scheduled, full results here

The Champion of Champions event was held in Wales again this year, with better weather than the arctic conditions that prevails last year! Report and full results here.

Founding Club Member Mike Donkin has died

Mike Donkin sadly died on the 2nd March 2014 aged 61. Mike was one of the founding members of the Club way back in September 1976. He became Treasurer and Membership Secretary for some years after that, before handing the job over to Jon Edison ( in 1986 would you believe! ). Jon and Mike were both BBC Micro owners then, and so the records were transferred via a 5.25inch floppy!
Jon has passed on the Clubs Condolences to Mikes family.

Club Membership Extension

Club membership has been extended by 2 months. This means the the current expiry date of the 31st March 2014 will now be extend until the 31st May 2014.
NO NEW BADGES WILL BE ISSUED for this extension!
Keep your existing badge as proof of membership until after the new expiry date.

The date for the Club AGM has also been moved by 2 months, and will now be the 18th May 2014. Look forward to seeing you all then.

GBSRA Slope Racing Association

Terrific news for Slope racing fans. A New BMFA Specialist Body has been formed to support the Slope Racing fraternity in the Uk. Known as the Great Britian Slope Racing Association, its aims are to promote and support Slope Racing in the UK. Martin Newnham has put a great deal of effort into getting the association into operation and I am sure we can all give Martin our support he deserves. To become a member of the association and other details can be found here

Winter League Round 2 - 7th Dec 2013

With R1 of the Winter league called off, the prospect of R2 not taking place as well was a distinct possibility. Very high winds during the week ( 70mph recorded at Fylingdales ) finally subsided before the weekend, and the comp was on.

Due to other commitments, I was unable to be there, so I can only report that 12 pilots managed 10 rounds. Mark Redsell was the winner, with Paul Garnett in second and Rich Bago third. Fastest time went to Paul with a 40.32 in R7

Full results here

Levisham Road Closures
Updated 31 Oct 2013

I have been advised that the road between Lockton and Levisham will be CLOSED for 7 weeks from 28th Oct 2013 for drainage works.

The road is closed 9am to 12:00pm and 12:30pm to 3:30pm
The NYMPA confirmed that this is weekdays only.

Please be aware if you are planning a trip to Levisham during this time.

Also the parking area at Levisham is a bit of a mess due to Forestry Logging operations. Take care when parking there.

BMFA League Reserve 27th Oct 2013 Horcum

As the F3F comp in May at the Hole of Horcum didn't take place, the reserve date automatically kicks in and we had another opportunity to hold the event. This time the weather forecast looked pretty good with very strong SSW all day with the slight chance of some showers.
The day started brilliantly, with blue skies and a good blow on the South bowl. The early rounds were ballistic, and sub 40's being the order of the day. Things turned a little awkward as we went into the afternoon, with the winds turning SW, creating some very bumpy conditions. The prospect of a move to Levisham didn't appeal to the 23 flyers, so the comp was finally stopped after only 4 rounds.
The winner was Mark Redsell, with Martin Newnham second and Simon Thornton third. Mark also had the fastest time of the day with a 32.03.Well done guys!

Results :-

1 Mark Redsell
2 Marin Newnham
3 Simon Thornton

Other Club Member positions :-

4 Peter Gunning
8 Paul Upton
9 Rich Bago
11 Keith Wood
12 Jon Edison
13 Frank Hulton
14 Tom Foreman
15 Ronnie Lampe
16 George Young
17 Mark Treble
19 Egon Lewin
20 Ganzalo Garcia-Antance
22 Roger Groves

Full Results here.

Thanks to everyone for their help, and look forward to the start of the Winter Series on the 2nd Nov


Welsh F3F Open 20th - 22nd Sept 2013

The Welsh Open can be a great event, and it can be occasionally be a let down. This year was a bit of a let down. Only one half day flying with just 3 rounds completed. Terrific organisation as usual; no one could have done better against a totally inclement weather pattern that descended over South Wales for virtually the whole weekend. Oh well here's to next year!

Well done to Club members Peter Gunning, Martin Newnham, and Simon Thornton for 1st, 3rd and Fastest time respectively.

Results :-

1 Peter Gunning
2 Jose Luis Alvares
3 Martin Newnham

Other Club Members Positions :-

5 Simon Thornton
9 Paul Upton
12 Paul Garnet
14 Rich Bago
16 Frank Hulton
18 Mark Redsell
21 Jon Edison
22 Keith Wood
29 Ronnie Lampe
34 Mark Treble
43 Tom Foreman


BMFA Nationals Barkston Heath 24th / 26th Aug 2013

Fortunately the weather gods weren't too unkind this year, with only Saturday being a pretty dismal day. Sunday got brighter as the day progressed and was warm enough to sit and watch some great flying. The fun flying on the Saturday evening after all the 'serious' stuff had finished provided some great entertainment judging by the roar of the crowds around the Free Flight Area!

I spent Monday at RAF Cranwell for the 2m eSoaring event. Almost clear blue sky but with a fresh N / NE wind made for some tricky flying. Managed 7th in my first Thermal Soaring Nationals. Must improve my landing technique though!!

Large Model Show - Elvington 10th / 11th Aug 2013

Back at Elvington again, and with the good weather forecast, was destined to be another great event. The Trade Stands were there in force, with HobbyKing and ALS hobbies being noteable additions. Some good models again, but maybe not quite up to last years ensemble. The highlight of the weekend being the flypast of the last remaining Vulcan. A few photographs here to give a flavour of the event.

F3F Slope Glide 3rd / 4th Aug 2013
Updated 9 Aug 2013

Two days of near perfect weather, warm windy and dry throughout, kept the flying competition rolling unhindered. Levisham on the first day proved a challenge, but with only 16 pilots entered, a cracking ten rounds were easily achieved.
Sunday saw a rare chance to sample the South Bowls offerings, and whilst not as bumpy and rough as Levisham the day before, still presented a variable set of conditions. Another ten rounds were accomplish, making for an almost record breaking 20 rounds over the two days.
Great camaraderie, teamwork and sporting atmosphere made for a very enjoyable weekend. Results, Mark Redsell in first, John Phillips second and Greg Dakin third.
Well done Guys.

Other Club Member Positions were :-

4 Martin Newnham Freestyler4
5 Rich Bago Needle124
6 Paul Garnet Crossfire
8 Keith Wood Needle124 / Freestyler3
9 Ronnie Lampe Needle124 / Strega
10 Tom Foreman Stinger
11 Jon Edison Needle124
15 Frank Hulton New Sting

Full results here.

North of England F3F Open 29th / 30th June 2013

This is a very popular International event. It now forms part of the Contest Eurotour competitions, and this year for the first time is also a round in the World Cup series of events. 41 pilots in total, with 15 from Europe. Of the 26 UK pilots, 14 were NYMRSC Club members.

A dry and sunny weekend greeted all the competitors, and once again Levisham hosted the event. A slow start on the Saturday as the wind couldn't make up its mind, but eventually 3 rounds were flown. Sunday was more promising, and with a good WSW wind, a further 6 rounds were flown.

A great win for Alvaro Silgado from Spain, with Club Members Simon Thornton in second and Mark Redsell in third. Mark also took the FTD with a 33.69

Other Club Members positions were :-

6 Martin Newnham Freestyler4
8 Paul Garnett Crossfire
9 Rich Bago Needle124
11 Peter Gunning Stinger
18 Paul Upton Vampire
19 Ronnie Lampe Needle124
24 Mark Treble Toxic
27 Jon Edison Needle124
28 Tom Foreman Stinger
29 Keith Woods Freestyler3
34 Dave Watson Needle124
39 Frank Hulton Willow

Thanks to Richard, Mark R, Ronnie and Martin for CD duties throughout the day and Mark T and Frank for Buzzer Supremo duties. A big thanks to all the pilots and helpers who made the weekend such a success.

Full results here

BMFA F3F Nationals 8th / 9th June 2013 - Wales

The terrific weather continued, and for once in quite a while, we had a two day competition blessed with blue skies, sunshine, and just the right amount of wind to make make it a thoroughly enjoyable weekend. Great organisation from Martin, Andrzej giving up his weekend to CD the event, and John Phillips being the, not to be argued with, buzzer supreme. Well done guys!

Joel West won the event with Cub Members Martin Newnham second and Mark Redsell third. Joel also had the FTD with a superb 29.75!!
Other NYMRSC members figured well :-

5 Paul Upton Needle124 / Race M
8 Rich Bago Avalon / Needle124
11 Tom Foreman Stinger
13 Frank Hulton Willow
14 Mark Treble Needle124
15 Paul Garnett Needle124
16 Keith Wood Needle124 / Freestyler3
17 Simon Thornton Needle124
20 Ronnie Lampe Needle124 / Strega
22 Jon Edison Needle124

Reports, results and pictures :- Here Here

Freeflight Nationals 25th / 26th / 27th May 2013

Not quite Slope Soaring, but anything with gliders has got to be good! With the best weather for a Bank Holiday weekend for some years, the Free Flight Nationals took place at Barkston Heath in near perfect conditions. Not on the scale of the Power Nats later in the year, but never-the-less a large group of dedicated modelers gathered for all sorts of mayhem, ranging from Hand Launch to Rocket Powered Gliders, and every form of launch aid in between. Club interest was provided by Pete Walkinshaw attempting to regain his Bowden Trophy which he last won in 2011. Despite a great first flight, Pete needed a near perfect second flight to stay in contention. Fine adjustments to the model failed to secure the necessary flight time, but Pete still managed a very creditable 10th place from a huge field of 40 entrants!

BMFA F3F League 3 HoH 19th May 2013

How frustrating! Weather was windy all week, but just when you just want it most - none! Using the weather call now implemented in the BMFA League system, the competition was cancelled on the Friday evening prior to the event. Reason? all the major weather sites were showing wind speeds of around 3-4mph all day. Minimum speed for F3F is 7mph, and even that can be painfully slow.

Harrogate Model Engineering Show 10th / 11th /12th May 2013
Updated 14 May 2013

Managed to visit the show on Saturday this year. Very busy first thing in the morning, but gradually improved as the day progressed. Good display of Model Aircraft by the Harrogate Club, and a flight simm in operation on another. Crashed a few times on the simulator, then discovered the ailerons were reversed! Oh dear, should have checked!. Some big names missing from the show this year - hope this is not a sign of things to come?

Indoor Flying Dates added for 2013 / 2014
Details added 30 Mar 2013

Tykes Sports Hall has again been booked for Indoor Flying on a Sunday morning for the 2013 / 2014 season. Hopefully an evening venue will also be included in due course. Current Dates here

NYMRSC AGM on the 3rd March 2013

Annual AGM was once again held at Lockton Village hall. Thanks to all those who made the effort to attend. Remember, your current subscriptions will need renewal at the end of March.Subs remain the same as previous years, ie £20 for Full Members, £10 for Seniors, £5 Juniors and Students. Cheques made payable to NYMRSC and send to Jon Edison using the Renewal form here.

Final Round of the F3F Winter League now 16th Mar 2013
updated 16th March 2013

A terrific Winter League series so far. Two rounds lost due to weather, and both because the wind didn't blow hard enough!  Reserve dates therefore kicked in, but the Weather Forecast for the 16th March was so dire ( Low pressure slap over the country, light winds from all directions ) that the event was cancelled. Actual weather at 9am on the day was a strong Southerly!. Ah well thats Sloping for you. Final results here

Fourth F3F Winter League 2nd Feb 2013

A great days flying. Occasional sunshine helped to take the edge off the biting NW winds, making the severe wind chill and snow covered ground more bearable. The last round in progress was to be around 3:30pm or 10 Rounds, whichever came soonest.

As it turned out, the 10 rounds were achieved relatively easily by the 14 pilots, allowing for an orderly retreat off the moors before the sun finally went down.

Some variable wind conditions made for a great scrap at the top, with Mark Redsell coming out the winner, just managing to hold off Richard Bago in second and Paul Garnett in the third. Mark also took FTD of 33.43. Well done guys. Full results here.

The final round will be on the 2nd Mar

Third F3F Winter League 5th Jan 2013

Well how keen can you get? By the time I arrived at 9:20 most of the Pilots were sat on the South Bowl waiting for the course to arrive! 18 pilots enjoyed the relatively warm conditions for a January day, on our favourite slope.

Slightly misty start, but with winds from the SSW and well above the legal limit, racing began at 10:15 and continue uninterrupted until R9 when a varying wind speed and direction cause a break in proceedings before the round was eventually stopped.

So, after 8 rounds, an excellent win for Mark Redsell, Simon Thornton second and Peter Gunning in third. Mark also took FTD with a 39.50 in R6. Well done Guys. Full results here.

Next round will be on the 2nd Feb

Second F3F Winter League 1st Dec 2012

Never trust a weatherman! Ok we accept when it says showers, they may be a bit longer and a bit wetter, but hey, not a Blizzard lasting several hours!! Just when things began look bleak, the snow suddenly stopped and we had blue sky for the rest of the day, well not quite, but good enough to get a 6 round competition in, on the NW slope with 15 pilots.

Martin Newnham took first place, with Paul Upton in second and Rich Bago in third. Fastest time went to Martin with a 36.58 in R1. Well done guys. Thanks to everyone for helping with today's proceedings, and look forward to seeing you all in the New Year. Next Winter League will be 5th Jan 2013. Full results from today here

First F3F Winter League 3rd Nov 2012

Great weather forecast which just didn't materialise. Thick fog persisted until midday, windless until around early afternoon, then light winds barely getting above the legal limit of 3 m/s. For a while it looked like we could achieve the required four rounds to be able to call it an official result, but after three very variable rounds and a slowly setting sun, the attempt at a fourth round was abandoned.

Shame really, as 21 pilots had made the effort from nearly all corners of the UK, but hopefully, judging by the banter and barracking that went on, they all enjoyed the day. Next Winter League will be 1st December. Full results here

BMFA 2012 F3F League Results

The final round of the BMFA F3F league was completed last weekend in Eastbourne. The results were an exact replica of the WC finishing order, with a great win for Martin Newnham, Mark Redsell second and Simon Thornton third. So the final BMFA league positions for 2012 are :-

1st Martin Newnham
2nd Rich Bago
3rd Mark Redsell

The top three places taken by Club Members. Great show Guys.
Report on the 2012 League Here.
Looking forward to the start of the Winter League Series on the 3rd November. Full Dates and Details Here.

World F3F Championships in Rugen Germany 6th - 13th Oct 2012

The UK F3F Team consisting of Martin Newnham*, Mark Redsell* and Simon Thornton, together with Team Manager John Phillips took part in the first ever F3F World Championship held in Rugen, Northern Germany. Despite being on unfamiliar slopes, our guys showed their world class potential, finishing 12th, 13th and 14th respectively out of 52 pilots. More information can be found at the official WC Web Site here . *Club Members

Welsh F3F Open 14th / 15th / 16th September 2012

Ten members of the Club attended the annual Welsh Open event at the Bwlch in South Wales, accounting for nearly 25% of the entrants! With flying on all three days, it was probably the best weather at a Welsh event in recent years, although the last day did stop short due to some very wet rain! Martin Newnham won the event in convincing style, with Inaki Elizondo from Spain in 2nd and Mike Evans in 3rd

Club Member positions were :-

1  Martin Newnham
14 Richard Bago
15 Tom Foreman
18 Paul Garnett
19 Keith Wood
25 Ronnie Lampe
27 Mark Treble
28 Frank Hulton
29 Dave Wright
33 Jon Edison

Great show guys and well done for three very hard days in challenging Welsh conditions! Report and full results here

More Club Members grab the Headlines! Sept 2012

Paul Upton and Tom Foreman travelled North once again, but this time for the Scottish F3F Nationals held at Bishop Hill in Kinross-shire near Perth. All their practice at Horcum paid off, with Paul winning the event and Tom coming third. Paul also took the fastest time of the day with a 34.58. Well done Guys. Full Report Here

BMFA Nationals, Barkston Heath 25th / 26th / 27th Aug 2012

Terrific day out! Sunday was absolutely packed with visitors. Not surprising really as this was forecast to be the best day of the weekend. Didn't look as many trade stands this year, and the swap meet was chaotic, being held totally outside. The hanger which is usually used looked full of full sized aircraft. Some great flying on the Show line and the C/L speed was its usual impressive mix of manic speed and noise. A day not to be missed.

Large Model Show, Elvington 11th / 12th Aug 2012

This years show was back at Elvington, and with the good weather forecast, was destined to be another great event. Shame the museum entry wasn't included this year, but a good selection of trade stands made for an enjoyable day or two. Some great models as well. A few photographs here to give a flavour of the event.

Club Members in the News Aug 2012

Pete Walkingshaw spent a very wet weekend at Barkston Heath attempting to defend his 2011 Bowden Trophy Title. Unfortunately the weather got the better of Pete, and the Trophy will have to wait for another year. However this is turning out to be a family affair, as Pete's brother Don managed a very creditable 4th place. Good report in the September RCM&E.

The F3F Champion of Champion's event held at Horcum at the end of March, features in the August edition of Quiet Flight & Electric International. Thanks to Ian Mason for a terrific report.

BMFA F3F Nationals 23rd / 24th June 2012

After the most dire weather forecast imaginable, we actually had a great weekend. As with all two day events, no weather call is implemented, so the show goes on regardless. Well Saturday turned out to be a stonking day, the early rain clearing to give a strong and blustery Westerly wind on Levisham, and as it turned out the better of the two days. 9 rounds with over 35 sub 40's, no doubt a few PB's, and the odd incident on landing ( well me actually! ). Sunday, again was a fairly rain free day, but with the wind swing from NW to W, we ended up chasing the wind and only managed to complete one more round. Shame, but did get some good exercise!

A great first win for club member Paul Upton, with another popular member Rich Bago in second, with an always happy Simon Thornton in third. Paul cemented his win by also taking the FTD with a 34.07

Full results here, with other Club Member positions as follows :-

1 Paul Upton Needle 124
2 Rich Bago Needle 124
4 Dave Wright Needle 124
9 Mark Redsell Freestyler
12 Ronnie Lampe Strega
14 Martin Newnham Freestyler
15 Paul Middleton Vikos
16 Keith Wood Freestyler
17 Tom Foreman Cyril
18 Frank Hulton Extreme
20 Mark Treble Needle 100
23 Egon Lewin Strega
24 Jon Edison Extreme

Thanks to Martin for his usual excellent organisation, and Rich, Mark and Simon for CD'ing, Ronnie for Buzzer Supremo, and everbody who helped with the kit and course setup.

The next round of the BMFA League is being held for the first time in Scotland, on the 14th / 15th July. See you all there. Now for a bit of repair work!

BMFA L3 12th / 13th May 2012

What a cracking day!  Wind square on to Levisham all day, and speed to die for. Well not quite, but you know what I mean. Trouble was the lift was variable and the gusts made standing on the edge quite difficult, not to mention trying to fly at the same time! But for those who could do both successfully then it was ballistic. 26 sub forties, and several PB's to boot.
A great win for Club member Richard Bago, with Greg Dakin in second, and Peter Gunning in third. Fastest time of the day with a terrific 31.32 was Ronnie Lampe with his Strega.

1st   Rich Bago      
2nd   Greg Dakin     
3rd   Peter Gunning  

Other Club Members :-

4th   Paul Upton       
5th   Ronnie Lampe   
6th   Mark Redsell    
10th  Frank Hulton    
13th  Tom Foreman    
15th  Jon Edison       
16th  Egon Lewin       
17th  Mark Treble     
18th  George Young    
19th  Paul Garnett     
20th  Bob Dickinson    
22th  Keith Wood      

Full Results Here

Thanks to everyone who helped run the day and ferried equipment up and down the hill

BMFA L2 Cancelled. 29th April 2012

The prospects of a good weekend never looked good, but Saturday was to be the better day giving the 60" League at least a chance of being run.Wrong! Saturday just rained and rained. Apart from a brief respite around midday, it rained continuously. The racing was abandoned at 2pm and a very soggy group headed for home. The F3F had already been called off due to a poor Sunday forecast.

Champion of Champions Event 31st march / 1st April 2012

Great weekend with some terrific flying by all concerned. Saturday being the more productive day, with eight rounds completed. Sunday we had to wait for the wind to make its mind up,finally settling on WNW. With the earlier finish of 3pm meant we only managed another three rounds, making eleven in total.

Final results gave a terrific win to Simon Thornton, with Martin Newnham in second followed by Club Member Paul Garnett in third. Paul also claimed the fastest time with a 34.40 in R4.

Tony Fu of Slope Racer fame, who kindly sponsored the event, was on hand to present the Trophies and draw the raffle. The Willow F3F kindly donated by Tony was won by Andrzej Tabero.

Many thanks to all who helped. Particular thanks to Ian Mason for his pre race work, and support with the raffle prize. Ronnie Lampe and Adam Richardson for their help during the day. Richard Bago and Andrzej for Cding, Keith Wood and everyone who helped carry all the kit up and down the hill!

Other Club Member Positions :-

4th Richard Bago
5th Mark Redsell
10th Keith Wood
12th Paul Middleton
13th Ronnie Lampe
16th Mark Treble
18th Jon Edison
20th George Young

Report and Full Results Here

NYMRSC AGM on the 25th March 2012

Annual AGM was once again held at Lockton Village hall. Thanks to all those who made the effort to attend. Remember, your current subscriptions do not run out until March 2013!

F3F Final Winter League Results for Saturday 10th March 2012

Fantastic spring weather greeted us at Levisham for our final winter league event of the season. A WNW wind forecast was a little disappointing as we know Levisham can be very bumpy with a northerly content to the wind. It didn't disappoint! Buckets of sink followed by the odd thermal all mixed together with rough air, made for a very challenging day. The 16 pilots hopefully managed some good air over the 11 rounds completed.

1st Peter Gunning
2nd Mark Redsell
3rd Paul Middleton

Fastest time went to Frank Hulton with a cracking 38.54. Full Results here

Team Trial Results 2012

What a great weekend end, and what a great result. Club Member Mark Redsell lead all the way to finish first, with Simon Thornton second and Martin Newnham third. These are the three Guys who will represent the UK at the World Championships in Germany, we wish them well. But some great flying by other Club members too, with Rich Bago as second reserve.

Final positions are :-
1st Mark Redsell
2nd Simon Thornton
3rd Martin Newnham

1st Reserve Peter Gunning
2nd Reserve Richard bago

Other Club Member positions:-
7th Paul Middleton
9th Frank Hulton
10th Paul Upton
13th Mark Treble
14th Tom Foreman
15th Jon Edison

Full results to follow soon.

Team Trials 25th / 26th Feb 2012

The final stage of the Team Selection process will be taking place at Horcum on the 25 / 26 Feb. This is in order to select the 3 man team which will represent the UK at the forthcoming F3F World Championships in Germany later in the year.


If you took part in the first stage in Wales last year, you are eligible to take part in this final stage, but does require a commitment to attend the WC if you qualify! If you have not already done so, contact Martin Newnham ( the BMFA League Coordinator to register.


In addition to pilots, we would like volunteers to help with manning the buzzers. Even if you could spare just one day, that would be  great help. Contact Jon Edison if you are able to help.

F3F Practice session Saturday 18th Feb 2012

A practice session has been called for Saturday 18th Feb, All welcome.
This was to have been a reserve date for the Winter League, but due to all the league dates to date completing, the reserve dates will not be required

F3F Winter League Results for Saturday 4th Feb 2012

With a temperature forecast of 1 degC and Southerly winds gusting up to 40mph, the prospects of being frozen rigid on the slope was a real prospect. And boy was it cold! Any exposed skin was to be avoided, and those flying without gloves soon realised that the 50secs or so stood completing their round was painful. Still, 18 pilots choose to brave the conditions, and completed a magnificent 8 rounds, before making a hasty retreat as the snow arrived.

1st Mark Redsell
2nd Simon Thornton
3rd Martin Newnham

Fastest time of the day went to Simon with a magnificent 33.24. Report Here

F3F Winter League Results for Saturday 7th Jan 2012

With a terrific forecast we thought we were in for a great days racing. The wind had other ideas. XCweather showed West, all the forecast were for West, even the flags along the A64 showed West. Was it West? well sometimes! Conditions swung from NW to W throughout the day, making the choice of slope impossible. We finally settled on the more Northern facing edge of Levisham, as the best we could do. After 6 bumpy turbulent rounds the 18 pilots had had enough.

1st Mark Redsell
2nd Greg Dakin
3rd Dave Wright

Fastest time of the day went to Mark with a terrific 34.42. Report Here

F3F Winter League Results for Saturday 3rd December 2011

Great forecast didn't disappoint. Westerly winds all day for the 20 pilots to do battle with. Conditions were variable throughout the day, but 8 rounds achieved before the cutoff time of Sunset (c3:30) was a good call, as trying to achieve another round would have been impossible.

1st Mark Redsell
2nd Richard Bago
3rd Paul Garnett

Fastest time of the day went to Keith Wood with a 39.95. Report here

Hawk Club Rally on Saturday 26th Nov 2011

Do not fly at Horcum on Saturday 26th Nov. The Hawk Flying Club have requested exclusive use of the Horcum for their end of season bash, which we have agreed to on a one off basis. A meeting with the Hawk Club at the NYMPA Offices in Helmsley on the 5th December has been arranged to discuss this and other issues. In the meantime please do not use Horcum this Saturday.

Tykes Indoor Flying Dates Added
Dates updated 19 Nov 2011

Tykes Sunday morning Indoor flying dates are now available at the Sandburn Golf Club off the A64 north of York. This is a large heated hall, great for both Helis and Fixed Wing. BMFA insurance required for Helis, but fix wing is covered by our insurance. The hall is booked for 10:30 to 12:30. Remember that Burnholme School indoor flying has also started. Full Details here

F3F Winter League Results Saturday 5th Nov 2011

Poor weather nearly forced cancellation of our first Winter League. Low cloud and drizzle finally gave way to an overcast, but flyable day on the NW slopes. 14 pilots took part, completing 9 rounds before poor light stopped play.

1st Mark Redsell
2nd Paul Garnett
3rd Paul Middleton

Fastest time went to Paul Garnett with a 41.80 in R8. Report Here

F3F Practice Day scheduled for Saturday 29 Oct 2011

A final practice session, before the start of the Winter League Series, is planned for Saturday 29th Oct. All welcome. Remember there is a 2M class included in the WL, so you don't need a 'full house' F3F ship to compete.

BMFA League Final Results for 60inch

A terrific win for CLub Member Ronnie Lampe in the 60inch league. Great result after losing his Nationals crown earlier in the year. Well done Ron! Report Here

BMFA League 5 Results 10th / 11th Sept at the Long Mynd

Usual horrible weather forecast leading up to the event, but came good(ish) on the day. The 60inch Nationals on the Saturday saw Club Member Ronnie Lampe loose his 2010 Nationals crown by a whisker, but 5 club members in the top 10 aint bad.

The F3F on the Sunday saw 6 Club Members taking part with 3 finishing in the top 10. Mark Redsell taking fastest time of the day as well.

Results here

Burnholme Indoor Flying Starts Wednesday 14th Sept
Dates updated 11 Oct 2011

Burnholme indoor flying resumes 7pm to 9m on every other wednesday, starting on the 14th Sept. Tykes dates will be added later.

BMFA Nationals, Barkston Heath 27th / 28th / 29th Aug

The Silent Flight Nationals were held on the same weekend but at RAF Cottesmore. I managed to spend Saturday at Cottesmore and Sunday at Barkston. The weather stayed mainly dry apart from a shower on one day, but strengthening wind did make the flying a little tricky. At least most of the events took place unlike the previous year when the strong winds just about grounded everything! Several NYMRSC members we seen taking part in the SF Nats, I hope to have the results soon.

Large Model Show - Elvington 13th / 14th Aug 2011

This years show moved from Rufforth to Elvington. A great venue, plus entry to the museum was included in the entry fee, making for a good value day out! If the show stays at Elvington, I can see it becoming very popular. There was a fair selection of trade stands, and of course plenty of 'greasy spoons' to get your Bacon Butties! The Weather didn't misbehave too much either.

One hairy moment when a large Biplane slewed on take off, cleared the spectators along the flight line and then crashed in front of a trade stand! Scary or what? - I was stood in the entrance to the stand at the time! Fortunately no-one was hurt.

Car Parking at the Hole of Horcum
Report Added 26th Jul 2011

If you have visited the 'Hole' recently, you will have noticed that the North York Moors Park Authority are now charging for parking in the main car park. The good news is that these charges do NOT apply to members of the NYMRSC when flying at the Hole. We have agreed with the Park Authority that our Members will identity themselves by leaving their Club Badge on the dashboard of their cars.

Pete Walkingshaw Wins the 2011 Bowden Trophy!
Report Added 14th Jul 2011. Updated 30 July 2011

Just to demonstrate the many talents of our members, Pete Walkinshaw, a long serving member of the Club and one time supporter of PSS, has won the Bowden Trophy at the 2011 BMFA Free Flight Nationals held at Barkston Heath. Pete's report and pictures here

North of England Eurotour Open 9th / 10th July 2011

The trouble with this outdoor hobby is that the weather can make or break the best laid plans. It certainly tried hard again this weekend. Light winds and frequent showers nearly prevented the competition from even starting. But persistence paid off, and were eventually rewarded with 5 rounds over the 2 days.

There were moments of good air and great flying. Dieter Perlick demonstrated the technique on more than one occasion to win the event and take fastest time. Espen Torp also won a round to take second place, and Joel West, who had it not been for a cut during some stonking air, may have placed higher, but a creditable third all the same.

Team prize went to our very own trio of Richard Bago, Paul Middleton and Keith Wood, masquerading under some bizarre name of Dicky Hearts and the Pacemakers

NYMRSC Member positions as follows :-

6 Paul Middleton
8 Keith Wood
9 Richard Bago
10 Jon Edison
17 Frank Hulton
18 Paul Townsend
20 Alan Scupham
24 Ronnie Lampe
26 Mark Treble

Full results here

BMFA F3F Nationals and WC Team Trials, 25th / 26th June 2011

The Welsh weather did its best to try and spoil the Nationals and our first ever World Championship Team Selection trials. Saturday was a complete washout, even the sheep looked as though they had had enough! But,Sunday was a cracker, and 29 pilots managed a magnificent 8 rounds in scorching sunshine, and near perfect conditions. NYMRSC Members had generally mixed results, but Mark Redsell once again showed his form, and apart from one slip, came in a magnificent 2nd.
Final Members positions were:-

2nd Mark Redsell
10th Keith Wood
12th Frank Hulton
14th Richard Bago
16th Paul Middleton
20th Jon Edison

Full results and report here

Thanks to the SWSA for hosting, Martin Newnham for the all his efforts in pulling it all together, and all the guys who helped and took part

HORCUM F3F Record Smashed!!
BMFA League 3 Results at HoH 21st / 22nd May 2011

What a terrific weekend. The 60inch racing on the Saturday was great fun. The South Bowl at Horcum with sunshine and good winds is the place to be. Some very close racing throughout the day, with Ronnie Lampe finally coming out on top, Mark Abbots second and Mike Evans third. Full Results here

Sundays F3F racing was awesome. With winds blowing at 50mph+ on the edge of Levisham, the scene was set for some very fast racing. With over 40 runs under 40secs, this gives some idea of the conditions. In the very first round Martin Newnham broke the Horcum record with a 32.00sec run. Not to be outdone Mark Redsell reset the record with a 31.30secs in R4 before finally nailing it with a 30.90secs in R5 making him the fastest UK pilot ever!! Mark won the event, Joel West second and Peter Gunning third. Full Results here

Harrogate Model Engineering Show 13th / 14th / 15th May 2011
Updated 16th May 2011

Managed to get to the Show on Sunday this year. Very quiet in comparison to last year, but I believe Saturday and Sundays are the quieter days. Maybe bargain hunters in the trade hall swell the numbers on the first day! Didn't find those wow factor exhibits this year, but still a lot of models and several NYMRSC Club members had exhibited items, plus a few Club members attending the show as well. All in all a good day out.

BMFA League 2 Results at Huddersfield 7th / 8th May 2011

The 60inch on the Saturday was cancelled due lack of the 'right' winds, but the Sunday F3F had a terrific day, which went totally against the weather forecast. Not a drop of rain and winds gusting over 40mph. In fact the gusty conditions caught a few flyers out, resulting in either penalty points for crossing the safety line, or in a few cases, model damage.

This all made for very difficult flying conditions, with the 24 pilots having their work cut out to make the most of their given conditions. So after 9 rounds, congratulations go to a very consistent Joel West in first place, with Mark Redsell in second, pushing Richard Bago into third place in the very last round! Joel also had the fastest time of the day with a 36.25. Full Results here

F3F Practice Day Saturday 2 April 2011

Mixed forecast, didn't really look promising, but guess what? an excellent day! The forecast obviously put some flyers off. However in true Horcum fashion, you never know just what you are going to get. Try 36mph on the South slope in the morning, turning to similar conditions on Levisham by the afternoon, and we had a great day's flying. Full results here.

Winter League Fly-off in Wales Abandoned!

The annual fly-off between all the various F3F Winter League Qualifiers in Wales over the weekend of the 26th / 27th March suffered from a severe lack of wind. Not one round was completed in the two days, before the competition was finally abandoned early Sunday afternoon. Still, we did come home with a suntan!

Winter League Final Positions

The final event was cancelled due to a poor wind forecast, so the final results for the 2010/2011 Winter League are :-

1 Mark Redsell
2 Richard Bago
3 Peter Gunning

For the Winter League Fly-off to be held in Wales on the 26 / 27 March, the following members have qualified to attend:-

1 Mark Redsell
2 Richard Bago
3 Peter Gunning
4 Keith Wood
5 Jon Edison

Good luck Guys, and lets hope the weather gods play ball

Annual AGM 13th MARCH

Annual AGM was once again held at Lockton Village hall. Thanks to all those who made the effort to attend. Good news is that the Subs remain at £20 as per previous years, but for this year only, will cover members for 2 years!

Winter League F3F results - Saturday 5th March 2011

At last, decent weather conditions without any ifs and buts. A steady but chilly NE wind all day, some variation in the lift but you could hardly say it was thermal! The grey misty start to the day soon cleared, and flying got underway by about 10:30. 14 pilots made for a quick round time, and by 16:30 a halt was called after a strenuous 14 rounds.

With an exact re-run of the results of the January Winter League, Mark Redsell finally took 1st place after pushing a very determined Richard Bago into 2nd from top spot just two rounds from the end, whilst Peter Gunning chased all the way in 3rd.

Fastest time of the day went to Peter with a time of 41.59

1 Mark Redsell Freestyler 11680.82
2 Richard Bago Martinet 11498.89
3 Peter Gunning Cyril 11412.30
4 Dave Wright Zeus 11081.14
5 Keith Wood Freestyler 10955.18
6 Frank Hulton Extreme 10601.96
7 Dave Watson Vikos 10341.84
8 Jon Edison Extreme 10327.10
9 Jon Wells Espada 10106.15
10 Mike Mccracken Ascot 10077.89
11 George Young Vikos 9654.81
12 Egon Lewin Acacia II 9574.97
13 Mark Treble W. Compact 9381.67
14 Steve Kenyon Acacia II 8882.42

Thanks to Frank for keeping the buzzers manned, and to Mark and Richard for CD duties and to all the pilots who made for a terrific day

Final Winter League event is scheduled for the 19th March. The current positions will be published prior to this date so the top three pilots will be known as soon as possible after the event.

Full report to follow

19th Feb Winter League Cancelled

Well we must have done something to anger the Weather Gods!! With Rain AND Snow forecast for all day Saturday, yet another round of this years Winter League bites the dust, or should that be sinks below the waterline!

5th Feb Winter League Cancelled

After a very stormy Friday ( winds speeds at Fylingdales recorded at 70mph ), the weather for Saturday takes a rather more benign phase with winds around the barely legal ( 8mph ) and variable amounts of rain all day.
The good news is that the reserve date of the 19th Feb kicks in, so fingers crossed for an event in a fortnights time.

Access to Levisham is very difficult!
Added 10th Jan 2011

Great care is needed on the path up the Slope at Levisham. Deep snow still covers the path near the top. Access across this snow is very precarious. The route to the right of the seat at the start of the hill was found to be easier, but still required a careful traverse of snow along the top

Winter League F3F Results. Saturday 8th Jan 2011

At last, the first scoring round of our Winter League! The weather forecast being spot on. The early rain cleared to give a cloudless blue sky for the rest of the day. The forecasted wind direction of NW turning W, gave Levisham as the only choice, but meant that the 14 pilots had a bit of a hike between slopes as the wind changed. Still 7 rounds were completed before the setting sun stopped play.

Once again Mark Redsell showed his mastery of the slope in first place, closely followed by Richard Bago in second, and Peter Gunning in third. Peter also had the fastest time of the day with a 40.83

1 Mark Redsell Freestyler 5865.13
2 Rich Bago Martinet 5598.20
3 Peter Gunning Cyril 5584.10
4 Paul Middleton Vikos / Skorp 5283.30
5 John Thornton Skorp 5261.31
6 Keith Wood Freestyler 5053.30
7 Mike McCracken Skorp / Ascot 4889.43
8 Jon Edison Extreme 4859.21
9 Mick Lideard Vikos 4630.68
10 Frank Hulton Extreme 4507.32
11 Alan Scupham Pike WR 4477.22
12 Egon Lewin Acacia 2 4237.72
13 Mark Treble Dragon 3907.09
14 Paul Garnett Xfire 2 881.11

Full report to follow

Next Winter League is scheduled for the 8th Jan 2011

Snow around Horcum has been thawing quickly over the last few weeks. Still a lot of slushy stuff about, so the moor will be very wet. Lack of wind and a poor visibility have been a feature at Horcum recently, so things will need to improve for us to get a Competition in this weekend. Note - additional dates have been added to the calendar in Feb and Mar to cover the lost dates so far

Horcum Winter League 4th December 2010 is CANCELLED

I don't remember seeing this much snow at this time of year for some time! Yes we have had a covering at Horcum before during the December Winter League events before, but this must equal the levels seen in January this year

Harrogate Model Show 27th / 28th November 2010

Don't know whether it is just me, but is the show loosing its appeal. OK the weather didn't help, with several inches of snow covering the county, the number of visitors were definitely down on last year, but also not so many traders. Still a good few hours spent there, mainly I think chatting over a coffee and bacon butty!

Horcum F3F Winter League 6th Nov 2010
Updated 10th Nov 2010

Unfortunately the weather gods didn't play ball, and whilst we had blue sky and lots of sun, we didn't have sufficient wind to run a competition. The rules require a minimum of 3m/s (approx 7mph) and in reality that is about as low as you would want to try and fly 10 laps of the course in. The wind was frequently below this figure, and after around 30 flights from the 20 pilots, we called it a day. However Some great pictures here from Dave Watson

Horcum F3F Winter League 6th Nov 2010
Item Added to Club News 2nd Nov 2010

A new 2M Class for Slope Racing has been added to the Winter League Series, so if you would like to take part in F3F but don't feel you have the right kind of model, then the introduction of 2M class ( any model up to 2 meter span), is for you.

There will be lots of help at hand, so if you don't know what is involved in F3F, then don't worry, just come along and give it a go. More Details Here

BMFA L7 F3F competition at Huddersfield on Sunday 24th Oct 2010

With Light, bitterly cold winds from the North making for a very challenging day, Club Member Paul Middleton topped the leader board and nine other members in the points, this was a terrific day for the Club. Report Here

Indoor Flying Dates
Item Added to Club News 30th Sept 2010. Updated 19 Oct 2010

Click on link 'Indoor Flying Updates Here' for details

Welsh F3F Open 17/18/19th Sept 2010

Three days of fairly hectic flying, in conditions that ranged from very variable to ballistic, certainly proved to be very challenging. A completely different style of flying to that used at Horcum is required, not to mention landing which can be tricky in the strong rotor that exists at the back of some slopes.

Never-the-less, 9 Members from Horcum braved the Welsh hills and joined the other 40 UK and European flyers to witness three great days, and an un-official World Record set by Iñaki Elizondo of 29.37secs. The event ran very smoothly, thanks to the SWSA organisation, with the final results here. Club Member positions after the 11 Rounds were :-

5 Mark Redsell 8694.69
9 Keith Wood 8513.46
14 Richard Bago 8300.40
21 Paul Garnett 8067.52
25 Frank Hulton 7909.22
26 Jon Edison 7903.64
30 Paul Foster 7857.16
34 Paul Middleton 7769.81
36 Dave Wright 7693.65

Congratulations to every body for a great showing after some terrific flying

BMFA F3F Nationals -Hole of Horcum 4/5th Sept 2010

A cracking 2 days. 29 Competitors started the weekend. 14 rounds completed by 4:30 on Sunday, with some quite variable conditions throughout.
Congratulations to Mark Redsell on a terrific win, Simon Thornton second and Joel West third. Fastest time went to Mark with a 32.34 in R9.

T9hobbysports provided the various raffle prizes.

Results ( All Club members shown in Bold )

1 Mark Redsell 11380.61
2 Simon Thornton 10840.39
3 Joel West 10824.77
4 Paul Middleton 10774.80
5 Peter Gunning 10752.16
6 Martin Newnhan 10545.48
7 Dave Watson 10464.94
8 Mike Evans 10376.28
9 Richard Bago 10285.49
10 Keith Woods 10181.61

Full Results Here. Report Here

BMFA Nationals - Barkston Heath 28/29/30th Aug 2010

What a disappointing weekend! Strong winds just about grounded everything. The Pylon Racer's and the odd Helicopter braved the elements on Sunday, but apart from that not a sausage, except from the food vans that is. The Trade Stands looked busy, but the Swap Meet in the Hanger looked decidedly thin on the ground. Oh well here's to next year!

F3F Practice Day Saturday 21st Aug 2010

Great day if you like seeing how many slopes you can fly in one day! Well two actually, Levisham and the South slope. But we climbed Levisham twice, once to discover the South Slope would be best, and a second time when the wind swung back to Levisham! We were all cream crackered by 4pm, but managed 11 rounds between slopes. Several sub 40's were achieved by Keith Wood, Paul Middleton,and Mark Redsell who had the fastest of the three with a 36.91. Well done Guys. Full Results here

Rufforth Show 14/15th Aug 2010

Weather on the Saturday turned out to be pretty good. The only issue was the strengthening North wind which made landings tricky for the more lightly loaded models on the East/West facing runway. Sunday I believe was similar but with slightly less wind. Good collection of Models and Trade stands made for a pleasant day out.

Club Member Ronnie Lampe is 2010 60inch BMFA Nationals Champion
Item added to Club News 9th Aug 2010

Congratulations to Ronnie for a well deserved win at the Nationals held in Wales last weekend. Ronnie's flying has been terrific all year, and with the BMFA League still to complete, this could be a double for Ron. Other Club members featuring prominently were Paul Townsend in joint second place, and Frank Hulton in fifth. Well done Guys, Report by Clayton Landells here

F3F Practice Session Saturday 31th July 2010

Weather forecast was more or less spot on, 10mph Westerly with a chance of a shower or two. Well we only had the one shower, which, coinciding with lunch worked out perfectly. Lift was mostly pants, but occasionally, stonking air would come through, and a number of sub40's were achieved. Paul Middleton was the first with a cracking PB of 38.14. Mark Redsell continued to dominate, claiming first spot after 14 Rounds. Richard Bago, Ronnie Lampe and Paul Mid battled it out for second, third and fourth respectively. Several other Club Members flew, but didn't take part in the practice session. Result Here

Horizon Hobbies Recalls Spektrum AR6250 Receivers
Item added to Club News 19th July. Updated 25th July 2010

If you own one of these receivers, you should stop using it immediately, and return the unit to Horizon for a free upgrade. Details Here

I sent my receiver off to Horizon on Tuesday 20th and the replacement arrived Saturday 24th Jul. The replacement is called the AR6255 and appears very slightly bigger than the old model. Be careful when re-attaching servo and power cables, as the polarity of the new connector is reversed. Polarity is shown on the side of the case if you are not sure. Also don't send back the instruction sheet that came with your original AR 6250. The new receiver has an addendum sheet with it only, and refers to the old sheet for installation details etc.

F3F Practice Session Saturday 10th July 2010

Well, not quite the day we were expecting. South winds, warm temperatures,
and thermals to die for? Well two out of three aint bad, but the thermals
just didn't arrive in any regular format. High cloud didn't let the sun
penetrate, and as a consequence, there was just no real energy in the wind. Whilst there was a steady blow all day, ballistic it was not!

Mark Redsell was once again able to handle the air consistently with top slot, Paul Foster coaxed his Skorp into 2nd place, with Richard Bago and his Vikos storming into third. Loss of a servo on his Martinet required a Rich to change to his back up model, but he still managed the fastest time of the day with a 40.88. Results here

Item added to Club News 7th July 2010

If you haven't tried it yet, then I can thoroughly recommend it. It is described as a virtually odorless polyurethane adhesive which reacts with moisture to cure. It is a fairly thin clear liquid which will quite readily flow into gaps between components and expands as it cures. ( photo here ). I have used the 20min version and is available from T9Hobbysports.

F3F Practice Session Saturday 26th June 2010

Good day yet again. If the wind had been more Southerly, the South Bowl could have produce more cracking times, but Ronnie's terrific 37.62 was the fastest of the day, and the only sub40 to boot. The change of slope to cater for the more easterly content of the wind later in the day certainly felt better, but the times didn't appear to reflect that.

Another straight win for Mark, who coped with the variables better than most, but good to see Keith second and Ronnie third. Record holder Richard never found form today with his Martinet finishing fourth. Nice to see a couple of new faces taking part, Gary and Egon, who coped well with the South Bowls vagrancies.Results here

Hope the weather holds out for the Welsh event on the 4th July

NEW HORCUM F3F RECORD - Practice Session Saturday 19th June 2010

If you like your flying Rough, Rainy and Record breaking then you would have liked Saturday! Winds gusting to 55mph on the NW ridge ( never known for its smooth air ) frequent squally showers, but occasionally air to die for, then this was not going to be for the faint hearted. Only eight F3F flyers and two other Club Members braved it to the slope to witness some of the fastest flying ever seen at Horcum. Richard Bago's 32.07secs was a new Horcum record, and was flown in terrific style by Richard. Mark Redsell didn't disappoint either, with a similarly flown 32.38 one round later. Precision flying by these two was a joy to watch.

Casualties? only Ronnie Lampe's brolly which turned inside out in a fit of pique during a particularly gusty moment. Full Results Here

BMFA L2 60inch Competition on Saturday 22nd May

The weather forecast for light Southerly winds put a lot of people off, and in the event only 10 entries were received. But the South Bowl came to the rescue and not only were the winds stronger than predicted ( gusts up 18mph! ) strong thermals in the scorching sunshine gave some superb racing.

Thanks to Clayton for keeping to tradition and calling the comp ON, and for running the show. Special thanks to Tim Shaw for lending Jon Edison two models and a transmitter to enable him to compete- brave man!

Full Results can be found on our Competitions Review page

BMFA L2 F3F competition on Sunday 23rd May.

Terrific weather for lazing around in the sun and a doing a spot of thermal flying. No good at all for serious F3F flying. Competition abandoned after 2 rounds as the wind couldn't make up its mind which direction to blow from!

Full Results can be found on our Competitions Review page

Harrogate Model Engineering Show 7th- 9th May

I know I should have put this date up earlier for those of you who didn't know about it, but for those who went, it was very much business as usual. Busy first thing Friday. Folks must be thinking that getting there early will beat the crowds -wrong! Go later, it certainly appeared less hectic in the afternoon. I can't talk for Sat or Sun, but would expect them maybe to be busier?

Model of the show for me was John MacNamara's F-14. Twin jet, swing wing fighter. Was destined to be model of the show, but as it had origins as a kit, it didn't qualify. John says it was massively reworked, and it certainly looked like it. Don't forget to let us know John when its maiden flight is!

Sir George Cayley Sailwing Club added to Links page

Impromptu F3F Practice Day Saturday 24 April

With such a good forecast for the weekend, a quick call round to interested parties soon drew a gathering of 12 members for a practice session. The BMFA league event the previous weekend was scrubbed due to lack of wind, so some were keen to get a bit of flight time in before the next comp on the 22/23 May at Horcum. Results here

The good weather also brought out a few non F3F members. Hopefully we managed to slot them in to proceedings without them feeling left out!

In future practice sessions will be posted here, so those feeling like a whiz can come and join in

F3F Champion of Champions Results

A fabulous two days on the Welsh Slopes gave 23 pilots 16 rounds of close fought competition in challenging conditions on 2 different slopes. Congratulations to Mark Redsell on his terrific win, and also for the fastest time of a blistering 32.82 secs.( All Club members shown in Bold )

Many thanks to Ian Mason of for his generosity in organising and sponsoring the event. Report and Pictures here

1 Mark Redsell Freestyler 13012.16
2 Simon Thornton Ceres / Extreme 12959.83
3 Mike Evans Cyril 12688.41
4 Peter Gunning Cyril / Extreme 12575.98
5 Joel West Cyril 12548.93
6 Greg Dakin Tanga / Race Mx 12352.29
7 Adam Richardson Strega / Extreme 12342.47
8 Scott Ravenscr Wizard F3F / Artist 12019.17
9 Mick Walsh Ceres 11981.26
10 Paul Middleton Skorpion / Vikos 11955.78
11 Richard Bago Xenon / Vikos 11832.15
12 Mark Passingham Freestyler / Cyril 11677.61
13 Frank Hulton Extreme 11572.95
14 Paul Garnett Vikos / Airone 11489.40
15 Jon Edison Skorpion / Sting 11441.26
16 Zim Smith Strega 11430.46
17 Scott Edwards New Sting 11418.85
18 Ron Russell Strega 11222.71
19 Andy Burgoyne Ascot 11123.46
20 Mark Abbotts Acacia2 / Caldera 11069.78
21 Ian Stewart Ceres 10601.47
22 Ian Mason Airone / Wizard F3F 10586.15
23 John Phillips Falcon 4219.94

For a full results breakdown, click here.

Many thanks to everybody who supported the Winter League Series, and look forward to a great Summer flying season.

Updated 20 March 2017

INDOOR FLYING Resumes September 2017

Tykes ( Post Code YO60 7RB ) are Sunday Mornings 10:00 to 12:30.
These meetings are for both Fixed Wing and Heli's.
NB BMFA Insurance required for Heli's

September 17th  
October 1st, 15th & 29th  
November 12th & 26th  
December 10th & 24th  
January 7th & 21st  
February 4th & 18th  
March 4th & 18th  


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